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About Us

Hi, i'm so happy you stopped by! My name is Kaydi and I'm the owner of Ever Iyla. I always knew I wanted something for myself, something that I can bring my visions to life, so back in 2020 thats what I did, Ever Iyla came time to life, I worked everyday, day and night designing, learning how the e-commerce works, finding and working with different manufactures to bring my visions to life. Starting was the hard part but now I get to do what I love and with all the love and support I get from my family, who knows where our shop will be in the next 5 years!

The name Ever Iyla originated from our daughter's name, Selene Iyla Cruz and Ever is to Forever Spreading Kindness, Love + Magic. That's what we're all about here! We love spreading out Kindness and Love by supporting other small shops. We try out best to share new and upcoming shops to help them be seen and grow! We spread our Magic by continuing to create apparel we love, to be part of the memories you create with your little ones.

Our Tees and Sweatshirts are made in the USA from scratch! They are cut, sewn and dyed to the perfect Pantone shade.

Thank you again for stopping by! 

XO, Kaydi - Ever Iyla